Nature's Secret

by Phenomenon

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Release : Forest Spirit records V/A album 'Beneath The Roots'


Deep beneath mysterious tree roots depth of trance,
strong brew is drunk containing psychedelic plants,
spirit body takes flight through astral landscape,
finding hollow yew tree crack between rocks or cave, many entrances all lead to shamanic underworld, descending through earthy portals trippy journey unfurls, whooshing through tunnels vortexing spirally way, through foresty jungles primal places of power to find, various cultural geometric temples and sacred shrines, conversing with power animals and teacher plants, elemental fierce beings and sinister guardians advance, rooting out patterns habits and binding addictions, discriminating with always wise psychedelic intuitions, absorbing tectonic machine elves transmissions,
ripped apart by demons then angels put back together, psychically refreshed and renewed for rebirth better.


released August 10, 2014
Compiled by Deidriim
Mastering by Skullzor
Poetry by Mystical Voyager at @ Visionary Shamanics Records
Art Works by Decotukos



all rights reserved


Phenomenon Helsinki, Finland

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